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How can I market my business for free?

A question I get a lot is “I’m on a low budget, how can I market my business for free?” theoretically, this is not difficult, it just takes time and practice. Take a look at our 4 ways to market your business! Social Media Social Media is the biggest FREE marketplace for businesses, all of…

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Social Media ‘Naughty or Nice’

The countdown to Christmas is here and to start the #12daysofRespondit, we’re giving you all you need to know about the Social Media platforms you need to use to market to the younger generation. First up on our social media ‘Naughty or Nice’ list, we have the social media giant, Facebook. This platform is a…

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5 Ways To Make Money Online

I often get asked, “how can I make money online?”, so here it is: 5 ways to make money online! Flipping Flipping is a great way to make money, buying for cheap and selling for more is a great way to make money. With the use of the internet it makes this process even easier,…

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