Entitledto – Case Study

Project Brief

Entitledto offer a free to use benefits calculator helping people determine what they can claim from national and local government, they white label and licence to companies and local authorities such as money supermarket, Havering council and many others. Their calculators are authoritative and accurate and are entirely independent of the government, providing reliable estimates of benefit entitlement. Users can determine whether they are receiving the right amount of money in their benefit claims, whether they are eligible for other types of benefits, as well as understand what their position will be as Government welfare reforms take effect.


In April 2013 a competitor launched their own version of a benefits calculator and spent 10’s of thousands of pounds on SEO and overtook them to become #2 for the search term ‘benefits calculator’ (#1 at the time was the governments’ page on benefits calculator), pushing Entitledto down to #3.

• Advise on digital marketing and promote Entitledto and their benefits calculator
• Increase visibility of Entitledto website for people searching for what benefits they are entitled to, through improvement of on-page and off-page SEO and preferable ranking of key search terms in Google.



We are more than happy to recommend Respondit, who performed their services accurately, efficiently and in a timely manner.

Our aim was to return our URL to the number one position we had occupied on various Google searches, before an aggressive SEO campaign by a competitor knocked us off our perch. David and the Respondit team identified where we had gone wrong and swiftly put our SEO back on the right track. Within a few weeks, we had returned to the number one spot.

We would be very happy to recommend them to colleagues and peers.

P Agulnik | Entitledto


Working closely with the client, we put an SEO plan in place and with just a three month contract managed to not only overtake the new competitor but also surpass the governments’ page and push Entitledto to the #1 spot.