Galliard Homes – Case Study

Project Brief

Shoreditch, London’s ‘Digital City’, is home to The Stage – a 400,000sq. ft. development from Galliard Homes which incorporates living, office, retail and leisure space in a mixture of new and historic buildings. Named for the discovery of Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre – a major archaeological feature of the site – The Stage provides an opportunity for luxury living and working in the vibrant, creative heart of London.

The Stage is only one part of the impressive profile of Galliard Homes, with over 6,000 homes currently in production, 10,000 in planning and a portfolio value of £3.95 billion. Achieved through 25 years of experience as a market leader delivering new homes across the capital, this includes developments in prestigious locations such as Canary Wharf, Regent’s Park, Marylebone and Docklands. With a first class reputation, Galliard Homes offer a wide range of investment opportunities for developers wishing to be a part of the capital’s
most remarkable new build properties.

Shoreditch is an area undergoing rapid development and regeneration, with a high number of new homes competing for buyers and investors. Galliard Homes were looking for the right people to help them successfully market The Stage, presenting it as a high quality,
desirable place to live and strongly demonstrating their experience and reputation.


• Work effectively as part of a multi-agency team to advise on digital marketing and promote The Stage
• Increase visibility of The Stage website for people searching for new build apartments in Shoreditch, through improvement of on-page and off-page SEO and preferable ranking of key search terms in Google and Bing
• Improve awareness of the development to assist with investment opportunities
• Escalate property sales and business leases for The Stage



Respondit came in, and did exactly what was asked of them and more. We look forward to working with you again.

M Watson | Galliard Homes


Respondit began the project by researching search terms which generate the most traffic in areas relevant to The Stage. The reasoning behind such an approach is simple – there is no point being the top of a particular search term if it is one that no-one is searching for!
We produced a comprehensive report detailing relevant search terms, their level of competition and likely expense to reach the desired position, and recommendations for a course of action to deliver the best return on investment.

Following an agreement of keywords, a full audit of the website was undertaken to establish improvements needed to page titles, meta descriptions, headings and page content, to allow for fully integrated search engine optimisation. This audit also included identification of
key discrepancies in off-page targeting, outlined clearly to enable the client to quickly and effectively remedy them.


The Stage now occupies multiple top spots on Google for the agreed search terms.