Healthcare Web Design – Havering Health

Project Brief

Havering Health are a successful organisation which help to link medical clinics and patients, with an extensive, growing database of information. In 2016 they decided they needed a dedicated platform to support them to share their knowledge of resources and services, and also to introduce their services to more prospective clients.

As a small organisation co-ordinating the relationship between clinics, surgeries and patients; and providing a range of services including improvements to patient care, access to latest best practice, and revenue creation, Havering Health were in a good position to invest in their business and extend their service by creating a simple yet engaging user experience which could be easily accessed by both patients and medical professionals.


A clean, responsive, user-friendly website
Fully accessible database of resources for both clinics and patients
An increased level of service for all users
Value for money – with a limited budget, the optimum return on investment was a priority
Website created within a tight deadline



Respondit were absolutely fantastic!!! We had a vague brief for them, and they took control and delivered in droves. Well done, look forward to continuing our successful relationship

Liz Hardy | Havering Health


The first task for Respondit was to consider the competition – and we found the only real competitor was the NHS. Whilst the NHS obviously has a great deal of information, the user experience and functionality of their site can be poor at times, and in many cases people just don’t realise it’s there. We also analysed other sites offering similar resource based services, and evaluated what worked, what didn’t, and what could provide added value if changed.

The aim was to provide an improved user experience via Havering Health. We created this by developing an easily accessible wireframe for the new site, with a clean and simple look, and soft text colours to allow for easy reading. The existing logo was used to inform a basic style template, including a colour palette and complementary fonts.

Following this, assessment of all existing and potential future information, as advised by the client, allowed us to propose a site structure that would display this to its best potential.

At this stage we also separated the patient and professional services to keep the interface simple and clean, creating an individual user experience that is clearly recognisable.


Increase in client portfolio
Full database accessible and categorised by relevance to patients or professionals