Project Brief

Founded in 2003, Monitise PLC is a successful organisation working with a number of high profile financial clients including HSBC, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander and The Co-operative Bank. Specialising in financial services technology, they offer a wide range of platforms, products and services which help their global clients to design, build, and run innovative digital propositions safely and securely.

As a company specialising in digital propositions, Monetise require a web presence which is modern, user-friendly, and demonstrates a clear call to action. Targeted marketing towards high-end banking industry clients which positively demonstrate products and services, and the status of Monitise as a think tech business, is a key element within this.


A clear, functional and responsive website, able to produce audience-specific information quickly and effectively.

Production of comprehensive high-quality media content, unified across all formats

Modernised product explanations, showcasing think tech solutions

Streamlined processes and organisation, to allow for more efficient workflow management



I have worked with quite a few companies on projects over the years – some horrid, some good, but I have to say you (Respondit) are hands down the best! By miles!

L Freestone | Monitise


Understanding the requirements of each group of users – and how they interact and overlap – is an essential prerequisite when developing this type of digital experience.

The initial approach delivered by Respondit was a full audit and analysis of different users, including business owners and managers, competitors, and people visiting the site to source product or company information. An audit of existing digital assets was also undertaken, to provide a baseline for content and highlight key areas for improvement.

Video content was identified for significant development. After fully investigating user requirements and testing ideas via creation of storyboards, Respondit produced a series of professionally shot videos which match the user journey and successfully highlight key information.


Traffic to the Monitise website has increased by 30% since it was relaunched. Engagement levels have also risen, with the new videos produced by Respondit receiving more views and interactions than any previously created. This has translated to an increase in profits of 10% in comparison to the previous year.