Newham Social Worker Jobs

Project Brief

Newham Council wanted to launch a new website with a fresh, user-friendly design with clear call to action buttons to showcase available job positions for social workers in Newham council.

The main goal was to make the user experience as simple and as friendly as possible with minimum effort to apply for the positions they desire. Another goal was to create a separate user role for agencies to be able to send multiple CVs for the same position with ease.


We were required to design and develop the new recruitment website to compete in the market and attract social workers to apply directly to Newham council. Building the site with expansion in mind for other functionality to be added at later stages such as user analytics and chart implementations. All of which was to be made in a very strict time period.




We created customised solutions to have a bespoke recruitment system with multiple branches and functionalities with the ability for future improvements and expansion, using custom built plug-ins and to cover all recruitment aspects on the frontend and a manageable system on the backend of the website.


An appealing website with an aesthetic and inviting design.
Customised recruitment system to handle all types of applications.
Full database accessible and categorised with applications’ details and impeccable performance.
A high increase in user submitted applications within the first week.
Record time delivery.

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