Deft Space work

Project brief

Deft Space creates engaging spaces for private and public sector clients in London led by an architect with 15 years of professional experience. Deft Space wanted a redesign of their website. However, in early meetings, we took a different approach and spoke in-depth about the business and how to effectively promote it. Once we had a better understanding we looked at the brand first which would consist of renaming the business, redesigning their logo and creating brand guidelines. Using these brand guideline we would then redesign and build a stunning website with a professional look, clear call to actions, user-friendly interface with engaging functionality.

Requirements & our approach

Objectives & process

• Renaming the company to create a unique business identity.
• Improving the brand attracting the right audience, gaining recognition and building trust.
• Providing a new web presence targetting a bigger audience.
• Heavily image-based and striking functionality to create a vivid and memorable website.
• Displaying projects effectively whilst keeping the user drawn with an eye-catching design.
• A flexible content management system, able to be manipulated and updated by a user.

Our solution


Prior to 2019, the Deft Space Architecture & Design Studio was called the Studio Shade Abdul. This was changed to accommodate the growing scope of its architecture firm.
We created a strong and memorable logo with brand guidelines for a recognizable brand signature and a defined voice.
We delivered a functional and aesthetically pleasing responsive website without compromising the website speed.

Deft Space testimonial


Shade Abdul

"I was referred to Respondit for a redesign of my website, which would provide web presence and speak to a new target market. What I received wasn’t just a new website, but a deep dive into my business marketing. The outcome of those early discussions lead to the decision to change the name of the practice so as to make it more memorable. It also included a logo design, as well as a beautifully designed website that provides detailed information about the practice in an engaging way.

The team has been excellent and it’s has been great to work with them. I’m very pleased with the rebranding of my practice."

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