Havering Museum work

Project brief

Opened in May 2010, The Museum tells the remarkable story of Havering from pre-history to the present day and celebrates the achievements of local people while exploring how the areas that make up the Borough were formed and developed.

The Museum had decided they wanted to launch a new revamped website, it needed to be user-friendly with a fresh look and a modern feel to attract interest.

The website would also need to demonstrate the various events and exhibitions in a simple clear design.

Requirements & our approach

Objectives & process

A clean, modern website which showcases the history of the Museum, a flexible event/exhibition management system able to be manipulated and updated by a number of different users, and offer ways to support the Museum by volunteering. An adaptable and sustainable design which will retain the overall feel whilst allowing for adjustment as The Museum grows and changes over time

A smooth and functional design which effectively boasts the benefits and services offered by The Museum to a number of different audiences.

For the video production, Respondit came up with a number of concepts with a number of concepts for the machine videos which were then storyboarded. These were then presented to both Coborn and Vivid in which feedback was given. We then revised the idea and sent these back to the client which were approved, ready for shooting when the machines were available.

The final concept for the machine videos was to follow a similar concept used in tech and car commercials in the sense of how they show the product and the format of the videos. The idea is to show extreme close-ups of the machine so you can see the details of the machine and also graphics which would tell you more about the machine (these would then be translated for multiple languages for the different regions Coborn serves).

Our solution


New responsive website with clear content and easily utilised event management system.

Havering Museum testimonial


P Stewart

"Our first meeting with Respondit was very positive, every time we have a meeting with them they seem to be adding to their range of products and offering new ideas that we definitely find helpful, and it's nice to be involved with a progressive company which they are."

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