Newham MoneyWorks work

Project brief

Newham Moneyworks needed a fresh overhaul of their website and digital strategy to come in line with the latest digital trends and to compete with the influence high-interest high street lenders were having on their residents.

With the website successfully signed off, Newham Moneyworks sought Respondit’s expertise to launch their digital marketing campaign which is currently at the planning stage.

Requirements & our approach

Objectives & process

Attract a younger audience through social media marketing.
Reach financially vulnerable people in need of quick solutions.
Advise on and suggest tools to Newham Moneyworks that demonstrate to website users the long term financial benefits of using their services versus payday loans.
Work within challenging regulations to produce a website in line with council guidelines both visually and in terms of content.
Offer users routes out of debt and financial insecurity.

Our solution


Delivered a secure, fast, functional and aesthetically pleasing website.
Achieved sign off from multiple levels of management within Newham Council including the Mayor.
Supplied Newham residents used to using the internet as their primary source for information with access to fairer, more responsible loans and advice.
Engaged residents who were being aggressively targeted by adverts for payday loans.
Integrated user-friendly calculation tools that allow users to enter their details and project the cost of repayments.

Newham MoneyWorks testimonial


A Reade

"Respondit were able to take on our web design and marketing while navigating challenging council regulations to deliver a secure, fast, functional and aesthetically pleasing website.

Respondit were able to create a message to engage with a financially struggling target market, they were also key in advising on the use of a variety of tools which enabled the audience to avoid using costly payday loan alternatives.

The diverse team at Respondit supported our team including designers, developers, marketers and brought a fresh perspective to support our team’s marketing efforts. We look forward to working with them for years to come."

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