Waltham Forest GP FedNet work

Project brief

WF GP FedNet provide NHS Primary Care Services in Waltham Forest pooling the skills and resources of local GPs making available larger scale services throughout the borough. This helps to form part of the overall local NHS Strategy to attract more services into the community, to help improve care and treatments so that residents are active and healthy.
WF GP FedNet decided to launch a new website and an internal Portal for medical professionals and staff to get the latest news and events with a web directory and a file sharing platform. With a focus on creating a simple yet engaging user experience which could be easily accessed by both patients and medical professionals.

Requirements & our approach

Objectives & process

A clean, responsive, user-friendly website
Fully accessible database of resources for medical professionals, patients ,partners and stakeholders, which includes news , events and an internal portal dedicated for announcements, a web directory, a file hosting section to display important information, guides and conditions.
Smooth and functional design which effectively boasts the benefits and services offered by WF GP FedNet to a number of different audiences

Our solution


New responsive website with clear content and a friendly user experience to accommodate a wide audience

Waltham Forest GP FedNet testimonial


L Hardy

"Although we knew what we wanted in a website we did not know how to get there. Respondit did a great job in listening to our requests and developing a website which does everything we asked for, as well as a bit more too. Thank you for your patience and guidance throughout the process."

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