Top 5 free caching plugins

What is caching? Caching, in its simplest form, improves your websites load speed.  In a computing context a cache is a place where data can be temporarily stored. Caching plugins will cache a large chunk of your websites data for you and store it on your browser, effectively speeding up the websites load speed on…

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Top 5 free WordPress form plug-ins

Websites looking to collect data from customers or potential clients must have a form somewhere on there website, but which one of the hundreds should you choose? I’m here to hopefully narrow those options down for you and explain to you why I think these 5 free form plug-ins are the best. All plug-ins listed…

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Top 5 WordPress back end plugins

  Top 5 WordPress back end plugins   On today’s pod cast from Respondit Web Design, Dave and Richard talk about their top 5 WordPress plugins to help protect your website from malicious attacks, backing up your database and core files plus optimising it for SEO, connecting to your Google analytics and getting started with caching.…

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