Diary of an apprentice

A recent blog post we welcomed Ryan Barlow to Respondit as the newest member to our team in the role of a junior developer and in this post he’ll be explaining what his first 5 months working with the team have been like. now I want to describing how my time working for Respondit has been so far.

From the very beginning everyone has been friendly to me and made me feel like part of the team from the get go and this makes me, as the new employee, a lot more comfortable. I can recall the first task I had delegated to me which was creating, sorting and finalising products variables for an eCommerce website, which at first I thought was going to take a decade due to my lack of knowledge using WordPress at the time but I can assure you that the team made sure I had no troubles and taught me everything I needed to know to complete the task in half the time I was expecting.

After my first month, I had really started to enjoy getting up for work, unlike my days in retail, because unlike retail in the developer world you can AND will be faced with different tasks and problems on a daily basis which you yourself or team can figure out solutions to solve or complete these. I really felt like a good addition to the team and was excited for what the future in the business held as the directors were getting? more and more jobs in all sectors of development meaning being part of the team that explores new areas in the web world.

ryan.Whilst I have been at Respondit, we was nominated and finalists for the London digital innovation award and got to attend a huge black tie event award ceremony, which was a first for me and a great experience and one I won’t forget because very little people my age get to say they’ve been to such an event.

As of now I am working on the development for a website on my own with help from the our senior developer when needed. This is a massive change from what i was capable of when I first joined Respondit and goes to show how much i have learnt whilst working with the whole team. i am thoroughly enjoying my time here and hope it continues.

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