Google to Mark Websites as ‘Not Secure’

As of tomorrow, July 24th 2018, Google will name non-https websites as ‘not secure’, the update is being made to secure all websites and prevent online fraudulent actions. Google announced the update back in February, this is what the new ‘not secure’ websites will look like as opposed to the current version of Google:

The internet has made great advancement in recent months due to the announcement of this update, here are some stats you would not have known:

  • More than 68% of Google Chrome traffic on both Android and Windows is now secure
  • More than 78% of Google Chrome traffic on both Chrome OS and Mac is now secure
  • 81% of the top websites on the internet now use HTTPS by default

Google is aiming to have 100% of websites secure on HTTPS soon and if your site is not secure your in trouble, your amount of traffic will decrease quickly. Over half of the top one million sites (542 Thousand), do not redirect to HTTPS and will, therefore, be labelled as insecure.

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