Top 5 free WordPress form plug-ins

Websites looking to collect data from customers or potential clients must have a form somewhere on there website, but which one of the hundreds should you choose? I’m here to hopefully narrow those options down for you and explain to you why I think these 5 free form plug-ins are the best. All plug-ins listed are fairly popular with the WordPress community and are all updated regularly.


Jetpack Contact Forms – Jetpack is a popular and feature rich WordPress plugin with over 25+ modules. One which is most commonly used is the Contact form, it provides a simple form creator which is very easy to use, it is also nice and clear when wanting to customise the email address to which the notifications are sent too.

Jetpack is supported by Askimet (spam-filter) but if you are not running this plug-in Jetpack comes with no spam-filter or security such as CAPTCHA. As easy and straightforward Jetpack is, it may not capture the needs of everyone for example it does not offer a file upload on the form which can be a pain and the form has limited to none customisation options. 

Check out Jetpack out on



Ninja form menu

Ninja Forms – Ninja offers another simple set up with easy drag and drop features allowing users with no coding knowledge a clean and simple set up. However Ninja also offer hooks and filters so you can push parts of the form to the limits of what they can do. The form can be customised, so long as you have the knowledge to do so using HTML and CSS.

Ninja forms do offer a pro version which is aimed towards people wanting to get more from their form, with add-ons such as file uploads, Paypal integration, frontend editing and much more.

The image on shows Ninja forms simple drag and drop dashboard you are given to create your Ninja form.

Have a look at Ninja Forms on





Contact Form 7’s backend menu

Contact Form 7 – Is highly recommended and one of the best rated form plug-ins, with over 43 million downloads on Contact Form 7 supplies a nice user friendly interface. It supports Ajax powered submission, CAPTCHA and Askimet spam filtering.

Although it’s only a free plug-in it offers almost anything you could wish for: multiple forms can be created; being available in over 60 languages and a tonne of extensions that bring extra features to the base plug-in which makes it stand out from the other free plug-ins which usually offer a pro version.

You can get you hands on Contact Form 7 on

This form set up can look daunting to anyone without coding knowledge but I assure you its a whole lot easier than it looks. its just adding label tags and select the field of your choice.



Contact Form by BestWebSoft – Contact form is another simple(once you get to grips with it, I found) yet good plug-in, being updated on a regular basis to ensure customers are getting the best experience when using it. With 20+ languages the plug-in is good however for it to be great you will need to unlock the pro version. 

For more details check out Contact Form on


Fast Secure Contact Form – With over 6 million downloads Fast Secure Contact Form is widely used across WordPress. This free plug-in allows you to create multiple forms and modify conformation emails. It is again fairly simple to choose what fields you want and create the form,some HTML knowledge is needed for the styling of the form. Akismet and CAPTCHA both work with the plug-in to keep your form secure.


4.7/5 stars on shows what an outstanding plug-in this is

Check out Fast Secure Contact Form’s repository on


These are just 5 great choices of the many FREE form plug-ins. Each plug-ins end results are a working form that you can use to get information from visitors on your site. I found no problems when setting up any of these forms. There are many other options that can be paid for such as Gravity Forms. However for most forms needed on a website, above’s options should be more than suitable.

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