WordPress Training in Romford, Havering

How can I create new text?

Help! I've made something disappear...

What do I need to click to link to another site?

If you've got questions about the way your brand new sparkly website works, we are here to help. Join our Web Wizardry Academy and find out the answers to these questions and a whole load of others that you didn't even know you needed the answers to.

Our Superteam can come to the classroom prepared to pass on whichever level of knowledge you and your team are after, from basic editing skills to content managing mastery.

Tell us what you need, and we'll support you to learn how to get there.

We are WordPress Experts

We run WordPress Havering. A group with the specific purpose of helping people to learn more about WordPress and save people from issues!

We have spoken at events on a variety of subjects including general WordPress use, security, SEO, development, marketing, responsive design and much more.

Not sure what you want? That's OK too. Give us a call on 01708 205116, and we will be more than happy to help.

Do you or your team need training on the latest WordPress features? We can cater to all skill levels.

We can help!